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What to eat for weight loss?

A healthy weight loss is a dream for many of us. That is why finding the answer to the question of what to eat for weight loss becomes very important. In fact, our lifestyle and food habits have a dominant influence over our weight. So, if we focus on what we eat, then we can bring our weight under control.

As people become more conscious about their weight, there are many products launched in the food market. Hence,we need to be careful not to spend unwantedly on those products without any result. Sometimes the answer for what to eat for weight loss is present right in front of you. 

We will acquaint you with one such dish which is best to eat for weight loss. Because this will help in weight loss. But the joyous news is that this is a delightful dish to eat. Thus no one will regret eating this dish for weight loss. The name of the dish is chicken.

Chicken dish to eat for weight loss

For meat eaters, chicken is the best dish to reduce weight. Because it satisfies your stomach and at the same time helps to reduce your weight.

Since chicken contains more protein, it can make you feel fuller. Despite eating less, we feel fuller. This meat is always part of a healthy diet. Because it is basically lean meat. That means it does not have much fat. Naturally meat with less fat implies weight loss. 

What to eat for weight loss?

AFC– The Best place 

AFC is a fast-food restaurant which serves healthy fried chicken. Here, fried chicken is available in four different flavors. Hence, both your taste buds and your health needs get satisfied. 

We are famous for our fried chicken in Edmonton. In fact, we serve delicious, juicy and fresh fried chicken. Moreover, we will prepare fried chicken in a healthy way. 

Indeed, we do not use much oil or other fat content while preparing our dishes. That is why the fried chicken is not soggy or oily.

Chicken dish to eat for weight loss

Health Benefits of Chicken

Chicken is rich in protein. But it is low in fat content. As a result, it helps to reduce the chances of heart disease. This meat contains the amino acid that can generate feel good hormones in our brain. If you love meat but are looking for ways to lose weight, chicken is the best option. Because chicken makes a fantastic substitute for red meat. 

  1. Protein is an important factor in muscle building. Chicken is rich in protein. So eating chicken will help to build muscles. But there will be no weight gain.
  2. Weight Loss: Since chicken does not have much fat it can help you lose weight in a healthy way.
  3. Rich in minerals: It contains plenty of calcium and phosphorus.
  4. Strong bones: Minerals keep bones strong and healthy. Therefore, less risk of arthritis.
  5. Stress reliever: Have you observed feeling so happy after eating any chicken dish? It is because of vitamin B5 and tryptophan in the chicken. Actually, a life without stress with your favorite chicken dish.
  6. Eating chicken boosts your immunity too. As you may know, chicken is a healthy dish with a lot of benefits. Tastes good too.

Nutritional Value

Amount per 100 g

Calories 239,  Total Fat 14 g,  Saturated Fat 3.8 g,  Cholesterol 88 mg,  Sodium 82 mg,  Potassium 223 mg,  Protein 27 g,  

Calcium 1 %,  Iron 7%,  Vitamin B6 20%,  Magnesium 5%

Fried Chicken

Advantages of Eating Chicken

Eating Chicken can help to keep your heart healthy. Vitamin B6 in chicken helps to reduce the risk of heart attack. As mentioned above, eating chicken also helps in mental wellness. In addition, chicken also contains vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to fight with fungal infections, skin aging and sunburn. Chicken soup is a healthy method to fight a cold. 

Chicken is a special dietary addition to speed up weight loss. Eating chicken can help people stay fuller for a longer duration. Well, it is again flavorful. And it is also affordable compared to other meats. So those who are trying for a healthy way to lose weight should eat chicken.

As mentioned earlier, chicken contains a lot of healthy nutrients in it. It is protein rich food and low in fat. Also, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. All of these help in weight loss.

At the same time, regular consumption of chicken can reduce appetite. This will cause building a healthier and fitter body. 

So when we think about what to eat for weight loss? The best answer is chicken. 


Individual two- or three-piece portions, as well as a family-size cardboard bucket, are available from AFC. Depending on the size of the family, a cardboard bucket can store anywhere from six to sixteen chicken pieces.

In addition, our seasonings set AFC Fried Chicken apart from other fried chicken restaurants in town. We provide a unique taste assortment that you won’t find anywhere else.

AFC Classic, Frank’s Red Hot, Lemon Pepper Garlic, and Smokey Crushed Chilies are our four delectable specialties. Evidently, mild to spicy flavors are available. People can select the flavor that best suits their requirements and preferences.

Our primary focus is on chicken, which is the most effective non-vegetarian weight-loss food. As previously stated, our restaurant serves the same delectable chicken in a variety of ways. Besides, the menu includes chicken wraps, chicken fingers, popcorn chicken, and chicken burgers.

We also have a special poutine area and a vegetarian portion on our menu. In addition, we provide a selection of sides, dipping sauces, and beverages.

In the kitchens and among all suppliers, we maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. When cooking, packaging, or transporting food, we also make sure we do not touch it with our bare hands. When it comes to our food, we have higher safety standards.

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In Conclusion

Our goal as Alberta Fried Chicken is to serve Albertans with unique, delectable flavors. To deliver you unique flavors and smells, we employ locally sourced ingredients. In fact, we began with three close buddies. Therefore, we try to keep it as reliable as possible.

Unlike most other establishments, which only provide a single taste. And we provide you with some unique delicacies that you will not find anyplace else.

It’s been more than a year since we arrived in Alberta. Basically, we did not think it was proper to have any large festivities because of the broader economic situation.

However, we would want to express our gratitude to each and every one of you for your continued support and patronage.

Besides, we  hope to have you join us on our journey as we pursue our mission of delighting you all with our distinct delights. Indeed, we look forward to providing you with even greater service.

In other words, we are also a popular choice among those looking for a delectable alternative to fast food. Above all, AFC has achieved its goal by being a popular place for unique and superb fried chicken throughout time.

Change is exciting, whether it is a global expansion, a new menu, or unique services and locations. AFC  provides high-quality, locally grown, and fresh chicken at AFC Chicken. Moreover, children’s meals with unique flavors are also available on our menu.

So come to AFC if you are seeking for a nice and nutritious approach to lose weight. Undoubtedly, we will provide you with what to eat for weight loss.