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Alberta Fried Chicken–The Absolute Best Fried Chicken

AFC (Alberta Fried Chicken) is a fast food restaurant company founded in Edmonton, Alberta, that specialises on fried chicken. AFC’s fried chicken is juicy, delicious, and properly seasoned, thanks to a secret Albertan recipe. As a result, we promise you will enjoy every bite.

Our goal as Alberta Fried Chicken in terms of food is to present Albertans with distinct, excellent flavors. We prepare food to order, hence it means fresh food. 

You can eat at our restaurant, take it home, or have it delivered to your door between 11:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. within a 10-kilometer radius. Thus, you have a choice. We preserve nothing cooked in advance since we want to serve it to you fresh. 

In addition, we are open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. every day. We serve at convenient times and locations at reasonable costs, and we strive to deliver with rapidity and variety.

Our Fried Chicken Journey

We began with three close buddies. We’ve been here in Alberta for over a year now. Our goal was to serve our valued clients with juicy, spicy, fresh, and delightful fried chicken. 

As a result, we’ve maintained the progress in order to make it easier for our customers to enjoy our options. As a result, we’re now Alberta’s number one fried chicken company.

AFC is proud of its history, but we wouldn’t be where we are now without our customers. Also, we appreciate your continued support and patronage.

Hence, we hope to have you join us on our journey as we pursue our mission of delighting you all with our distinct delights.

Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken

What Do We Serve?

What is the definition of fried chicken? Fried chicken is chicken that has been pan-fried, deep-fried, pressure-fried, or air-fried with seasoned flour or batter.

American cookbooks described fried chicken in the 1830s and occurred frequently in cookbooks from the 1860s and 1870s. Furthermore, you can trace its origins back to Scottish and West African cuisines in the southern United States. 

It goes well with mashed potatoes, gravy, macaroni and cheese, corn, and biscuits. We offer the best fried chicken in town, as well as very fresh and flavorful chicken. With our new distinctive flavors and fun, we’re all about making the most craveable colonel-inspired chicken in the globe. 

That’s why we are glad to declare that we provide a unique selection of delights that you will find nowhere else. The fluids just flow as soon as we bite into it, very juicy and soft. In effect, we’ll assist you in expanding your fried chicken horizons beyond your usual haunts. 

In Edmonton, we provide the greatest fried chicken! Crispy, juicy, and flavorful, with a classic taste. Our chicken isn’t greasy, but it is delicious and created with love. We have large chicken pieces. Our chefs cook them freshly, thoroughly and marinate them and they are delectable. 

Because fresh ingredients are used to make this dish, it is very fresh and juicy. All the flavors are decent, inexpensive, and reasonably priced options. So try it once and you’ll notice that it offers good quality and quantity chicken at a fair price, making it stand out from the crowd.

Our Four Scrumptious Fried Chickens

Classic Alberta Fried Chicken

The most wonderful, delectable chicken bread you’ve ever tasted is available in the classic AFC chicken. They are extremely juicy and a joy to the senses because our conventional chicken’s breading is with savory crumbs and spices, as well as secret seasonings. 

Breading gives the meat a crispy-crunchy exterior while keeping the meat’s juices, inviting you to enjoy it right away.

AFC classic fried chicken food near me delivery
Frank's Red Hot

It is reddish black, giving us a feeling that it got burnt, thanks to Frank’s red hot powder. It’s hot, and there are no artificial flavors or colors in it. Of course, the color comes from aged cayenne red pepper, which provides a perfect balance of flavors and heat. 

If you want to eat a great quick dinner without gaining weight, this is the way to go. No calories, no fat.

Frank’s Red Hot fried chicken
Lemon Pepper Garlic

It tastes precisely what its name suggests. Lemon’s beautiful citrus flavor combines with fiery pepper and garlic to create a delicious dish. Then there’s the extra crunch of the bread crumb and the secret AFC flavor. 

Our chefs simmer the chicken in lemon and butter juice, resulting in a delicate and tasty dish. It has a slightly salty flavor to it, but it isn’t overpowering; rather, it gives you a delightful surge when it reaches your tongue.

Lemon pepper edmonton best buy
Smoky Crushed Chilli

Eating is not just a matter of the tongue; it affects all of our senses. The charred, smoky scent of AFC’s Smoky crushed chicken lends a powerful feeling to the taste. It’s because the covering of crushed chilies burns after 15 minutes of deep frying, leaving a charred, smoky odor. 

Everyone doesn’t like it, but here’s a secret: this food will make you happy since red chilies release happy hormones. We guarantee a pleasant atmosphere. Not only we serve food but also we create pleasurable experiences, all while maintaining the pleasant, polite, and trustworthy attitude that consumers expect from us.

Besides, we have really pleasant and hospitable cooks and employees who will make you feel at ease.

Smoky Crushed Chilli

Evidently, it is a fantastic spot for children and families to visit. Undoubtedly, we boast about our excellent customer service and occasionally offer complimentary samples. 

We have a chic, kid-friendly environment with superb meals. Also, we have a takeout menu, a tasting menu, and a huge menu available.

Additional Chicken Dishes Available

We also provide individual AFC breaded chicken sets with 2-4 pieces and AFC bucket chicken sets with 8 to 32 pieces of breaded chicken. Then there’s finger chicken, which is soft chicken. Regular and large-size chicken poutines, as well as children’s poutines and butter chicken poutine, are also available.

In addition, AFC giant chicken wraps and popcorn chicken are also available. Popcorn chicken consists of little bite-sized breaded fried chicken pieces. Small, medium, and large popcorn chicken packages are available at AFC. 

Chicken wings are available in both breaded and non-breaded varieties. These are available in quantities ranging from 5 to 24 pieces.

Health Benefits

Chicken is a nutrient-dense, high-protein food that can help you lose weight and lower your risk of heart disease. Tryptophan, an amino acid found in chicken, is important for the production of high amounts of serotonin, the “feel-good hormone” in our brain. 

It aids with muscular development. Specialties of chicken chili are one of the specific elements of Frank’s red hot, which helps to fight cancer, lose weight, prevent stomach ulcers, and relieve pain.

AFC fried chicken Edmonton

Furthermore, Vitamin C in our lemon pepper garlic promotes immunity. Garlic is heart healthy, and peppers are low in calories and high in nutrients. Clearly, these are only a handful of the health advantages of our delicacies.


When we live our principles every day and use them to make large and little decisions, AFC is a brand that our people and the people we serve can trust. As you leave our establishment, we offer you a nice and memorable experience. 

As we move forward with our new and unique cuisines and flavors, we are very happy to excite you. Moreover, we want to delight you even more in the future. So, take a break from your usual sources and visit AFC, and AFC will not disappoint you.