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There are those who live to eat food, and those who eat to live. Whatever the situation may be, we all look for ‘Food to eat near me’ on the internet. The first group of people set out to find the delicious ‘Food to eat near me’. Whereas, the second group looks for nutritious ‘Food to eat near me’. At AFC, we serve both nutritious and delicious meals. Let’s have a peek at the dining options available at AFC near me. Before that, we’d like to introduce AFC to anyone looking for ‘Food to eat near me’.

AFC–Best ‘Food to eat near me’

For more than a year, Alberta Fried Chicken has been a part of the ‘Food to Eat near Me’ scene. In Alberta, we have the best fried chicken. Chicken is a dish that everyone enjoys. The majority of us enjoy chicken. As a result, our list includes a selection of Chicken – ‘Food to Eat near Me’ products.

Breaded chicken, tender chicken, poutine, burgers, sandwiches, popcorn chicken, and chicken wings (breaded and non-breaded) are among our offerings. Take heart, vegetarians: we’ve prepared some delectable vegetarian fare as well. In fact, the AFC veggie wrap and the AFC vegetable burger are two unique ‘Food to Eat Near Me’ options.

We serve these foods along with tasty sides and dips. In addition, we serve rice, Butter Chicken gravy, coleslaw, mashed potato and many more items as sides. Honey mustard, sweet & sour are delicious dips.

Chicken wings with sauce

Fried Chicken to Eat Near Me

We shall see some of the delicious ‘fried chicken to eat near me’ available at AFC.

Breaded Chicken:

First, our chefs begin by dredging the chicken pieces in flour. Then remove the surplus flour. Next, using an egg, coat the chicken pieces. Finally, roll the pieces in the bread crumbs, then turn them over and roll again until they get completely covered. This process is known as breading the chicken. Well, the breading gives the chicken pieces a crunchy surface while keeping the fluids inside.

AFC all bucket Chicken

Tender Chicken:

It’s a well-known fast-food snack. Chicken fingers, 5 pcs. Other names for chicken fingers are chicken tenders or chicken strips. These chicken fingers have a unique flavor thanks to AFC’s four flavors. As a matter of fact, we prepare food to order. Time to prepare is 5-10 minutes. To make this dish, we use only pure white meat.

Chicken Fingers coated with AFC flavors and served hot is desirable “Food to eat near me” in Alberta.

Popcorn Chicken:

The name “popcorn chicken” comes from the fact that it resembles popped corn kernels. Undoubtedly, Popcorn Chicken is a chicken meal made up of small bite-sized bits. Breading of chicken portions is a must before being cooked. In reality, popcorn chicken is an actual chicken breast nugget. On the other hand, these are smaller than the size of nuggets.

AFC also has popcorn chicken with an AFC exclusive flavor.

Chicken Wings:

Both breaded and non-breaded chicken wings are available at AFC. The sets are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5 to 24 pieces. Also, it takes 7-10 minutes to prepare the dish. AFC’s 4 Special flavors add taste to the breaded chicken wings. Well, chicken wings come in two flavors: regular and meal. You get a side dish and a 355 ml drink with the meal choice.


Apart from the things described above, we also offer poutine, burgers, and wraps. At AFC, there are three types of poutine to choose from. Poutine in regular and large sizes, as well as chicken and butter chicken poutine.

Added to it, AFC burgers and AFC signature burgers with extra cheese, pickle, additional Mayo, lettuce, and tomato are available in the Burgers section. This may be enough to fulfill your hunger. As previously noted, AFC also offers vegetarian burgers. At AFC, you may purchase both vegetarian and chicken wraps.

Food to Eat near Me

AFC Special Flavors

What sets AFC apart from the other fried chicken joints in my area? It’s our four distinct but complementary flavors. The other outlets, on the other hand, only have one flavor. Let’s take a look at AFC’s four distinct flavors.

AFC CLASSIC: This flavor is exclusive to AFC. Clearly, this is the recipe that we keep to ourselves. The flavor gives the fried chicken a classic flavor, hence the name AFC Classic. This flavor enhances the flavor of the juicy, delectable fried chicken. This is an ideal ‘food to eat near me.’

FRANK’S RED HOT: First and foremost, if you want to eat a great quick supper without gaining weight, this is the way to go. There are no calories or fat in this product.

With Frank’s red hot original spice blend, you can get the ideal balance of flavor and heat. Furthermore, this dish contains no artificial tastes. Frank’s red hot powder gives it a reddish black appearance. Evidently, Frank’s red-hot, the right blend of garlic and cayenne pepper, is the spicy sauce that put Buffalo wings on the map.

AFC SMOKY CRUSHED CHILI: Crushed chili flakes are the key element in this flavor. This chilly flakes coating burns while frying the chicken. This produces a smoky aroma and flavor. Although, some people dislike this flavor, others enjoy it.

AFC LEMON PEPPER GARLIC: This flavor has a good balance of spiciness and sourness. Black pepper imparts a dark black color to the meal. In addition, it has a powerful flavor as well. Garlic is excellent for your heart, but lemon is beneficial for your mood.


There are people who live to eat, as we discussed previously. Food means comfort, friendship, enjoyment, a healthy lifestyle, or a way to relieve stress for them. At AFC, we make it easy for you to have a memorable “Food to eat near me” experience. Clearly, you get to enjoy delicious meals with your friends and family. Our environment is so relaxing that it allows you to de-stress.

Those who eat to live, on the other hand, ensure that their food is wholesome and nutritious.

At the same time, we make it a point to ensure that you eat delicious cuisine that is also nutritious. We will assist you in maintaining your good habits while making eating fun.


Furthermore, in the kitchens, we keep superior standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Even our suppliers adhere to our prime requirements. We do not handle food with our bare hands when preparing, packaging, or transporting it. We sterilize our delivery bags. So sit back and enjoy our meal, knowing that this is the “Food to Eat near Me”. Obviously, we will not disappoint you with your choice of restaurant.

AFC Chicken Food to eat near me


In Edmonton, Alberta, AFC is a quick service restaurant. Gladly, we invite all Albertan’s to sample the delectable fried chicken. Moreover, we guarantee that you will enjoy every bite. People nowadays live at a faster pace. In fact, they want to save time, but they also want better meals. We serve high-quality chicken, also freshly prepared.

Besides, we offer you a wide range of one-of-a-kind treats. We don’t cook it ahead of time and offer it to you hot and fresh.

AFC wants to put a smile on everyone’s face. Every time you come to see us, we want to serve you high-quality meals. Above all, we began this project in the hopes that our cuisine would satisfy our consumers whenever they needed it. And we feel that we have succeeded in our attempt.