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Food Court Near Me

You were probably looking for the best food court near me. Then, you have come to the right place. Today we will introduce you to one of the best ‘food courts near me.’ This food court will provide foodies with an experience unlike any other. Well, AFC has managed to rise from being merely a restaurant. In fact, it has risen to one of Edmonton’s most explored after restaurants by finding the perfect blend of modernity and tradition.

AFC - The Best Food Court Near Me

Alberta Fried Chicken is a quick service restaurant. Indeed, our fried chicken varieties are legendary. Evidently, Alebrta’s food is AFC. We are open daily from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Clearly; we prepare food to order.

Obviously, our goal is to provide Albertans with delectable flavors. We use local ingredients to bring you unique flavors and aromas. We started it with three friends and tried to keep it as authentic as possible.

For both visitors and locals, we have grown into a rich and diverse food paradise. Additionally, for any situation, AFC has the ideal place for you to eat, socialize, and mingle.

After a long and exhausting day at work, nothing beats a big-fat classic jumbo burger, fried chicken varieties, or poutine.

fried chicken burger food court near me

Well, you can fill your plate with delicious chicken varieties at this fantastic food court near me. Besides, you will find a lively atmosphere, an entertaining staff, and aromatic food ready to be devoured here. Both indoor and outdoor seating are relaxing for visitors.

AFC-Food Court Near Me with different flavors

We offer you some excellent treats that you will find nowhere else. Unlike the majority of other outlets that only offer one flavor. Again, AFC offers four different flavors of fried chicken. They are as follows;

  • AFC Classic: This is the flavor we started with. Evidently, our fried chicken is moist and delectable. Our special recipe flavoring, which is delicious, enhances this delicious traditional fried chicken.
  • Frank’s Red Hot: The fried chicken has a reddish-black appearance thanks to Frank’s Red Hot powder. Besides, those who enjoy spicy chicken will enjoy this flavor’s distinctiveness.
  • Lemon pepper garlic flavor: This flavor gives fried chicken its dark color. Again, the pepper is to blame for this. Black pepper imparts a strong flavor, and lemon counteracts the heat.
  • Smoky Crushed chillies: When burned, crushed chili flakes give food a smoky flavor. In addition, the dish is special because of its smoky flavor and aroma.

Fried chicken at a Food Court Near Me

Smoky crushed chili wings
Breaded fried chicken food court near meedmonton
popcorn fried chicken Edmonton restaurants
Tender Chicken fried

We offer a variety of fried chicken dishes at AFC, including breaded chicken, tender chicken, popcorn chicken, and chicken wings.

  • Breaded chicken: AFC provides all four flavors of breaded chicken. At AFC, you can purchase breaded chicken in sets of 2, 3, and 4. Also, you get breasts and drumsticks with the 2 PC breaded chicken. You get thighs, drumsticks, and breasts in a 3-piece breaded chicken. Moreover, you get breasts, drumsticks, thighs, and wings in a 4-piece breaded chicken meal. 
  • Tender chicken: Tender chicken is available from the range of 5 pcs to 40 pcs finger chicken. As you may know, tender chicken’s other names are finger chicken, chicken strips or tenders. Available in all the four AFC flavors. With the meal option, you also get sides. 
  • Popcorn chicken: Well, popcorn chicken comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Preparation time ranges from 4 to 6 minutes. Likewise, this dish comes with a dipping sauce. The size of the side dish will also vary depending on your order.
  • Chicken wings (Breaded and non-breaded): Four flavors of breaded chicken split wings are available. The prep time is 7-10 minutes. Breaded wings are available in sets of 4 to 24 pieces. You get a side dish with the meal option. There are only two flavors of non-breaded chicken wings: lemon pepper garlic and hot wings.

Poutine, Burgers, and Wraps at AFC

  • Poutine: Poutine, chicken poutine, and butter chicken poutine are available at AFC. Regular poutine comprises freshly blanched fried potatoes, cheeses, and AFC special gravy. Indeed, this dish comes with ketchup and hot sauce, dipping sauce, and 355 ml drinks. Chicken poutine entails freshly made double blanched fried chicken, cheese, AFC special gravy, and four different flavors of chicken.

Again, freshly made double blanched fries, cheese, and AFC special butter chicken comprise the butter chicken poutine (sweet taste). All of these poutines are available in regular (26 oz) and large sizes (40 oz).

  • Burgers (Regular and Signature): The prep time is 7-10 minutes. Bun, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and AFC special 100 percent white meat patties in four different flavors are the ingredients. The signature burger includes a bun, cheese, pickle, onion, mayo (extra), lettuce (extra), tomato (extra), and AFC special 100 percent white meat patties in four different flavors. In addition, small sides and drinks are there in the meal option.

Bun, AFC special veg sauce, lettuce, tomato, and AFC special vegetable patties are the ingredients of a vegetable burger (AFC 4 different flavors).

Edmonton Best Buy poutine
AFC signature chicken burger
Chicken wraps food court near me

patties are the ingredients of a vegetable burger (AFC 4 different flavors).

  • Wraps: At AFC you get jumbo chicken wrap and vegetable wrap. Preparation time is 7-10 minutes. Jumbo chicken wrap consists of a whole wheat tortilla (12 inches), AFC special sauce, lettuce, tomato, chicken fingers (4 different flavors). Furthermore, the vegetable wrap comprises wheat tortilla (12 inches), AFC special veg sauce, lettuce, tomato, avocado fingers in 4 different flavors. Additionally, in the meal option you get a small side and 355 ml drinks.

Other delicious varieties

A fantastic place to eat delicious chicken with friends or family. AFC is a welcoming eatery that is pleasing to the eye and delicious to the stomach. Again, our chicken varieties will add a lot of protein to your diet. We are well-known for our excellent food and service. Breaded chicken, poutine, wraps, burgers, and other delectable fried chicken options are available. Obviously, we add a twist to the casual dining experience.

  • All mix bucket: All four breaded chicken flavors are available in sets of 16 to 24 pieces. Preparation time is approximately 15-20 minutes. This includes the breasts, drumsticks, thighs, and wings. Our four flavors (AFC classic, Frank’s Red Hot, Lemon pepper garlic, and smoky crushed chili) are evenly distributed in the same bucket. You get a side dish with the meal option (large and medium depending on the order).
Bucket chicken food court near me
sides and dips

Sides: We serve rice, butter chicken gravy, AFC special gravy, coleslaw, potato salad, mashed potato, AFC special garlic fries, AFC French fries, garlic biscuits and regular biscuits as sides.

Dips: Furthermore, we serve honey mustard, sweet and sour, spicy BBQ sauce and regular BBQ sauce as dips. Along with that you can avail 355 ml of drinks.

In Conclusion

We hope to delight you all with our one-of-a-kind delicacies. Besides, we loved to have you along for the ride. AFC looks forward to providing you with even better service in the future. Undoubtedly, we have a reputation for having a variety of flavored chicken varieties. Favorite among Edmonton’s regular customers. Well, finding a good food court near me can be difficult because there are so many fast-food restaurants nearby. However, AFC is an exception among Edmonton’s fast-food restaurants.

Because we understand exactly what clients expect. This nearby food court provides an irresistible experience of rich and delectable fried chicken. Thus, we have managed to keep the quality of our food consistent over time. AFC is one of the few excellent restaurants in Edmonton that has stayed true to its original recipe for success. In fact, we could thrive in the face of fierce competition from various fast-food chains.