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Despite having a wide variety of super foods at our disposal, fast food remains an important part of our diet. And your search for ‘fast food near’ comes to an end here in AFC. At AFC, we provide one irresistible option after another, leaving no shortage of reasons and options to eat fast food. You would think that after eating fast food for the majority of our lives, we would know pretty much everything there is to know about fried chicken varieties.

However, AFC ‘Fast Food Near’ will astound you with our extensive menu of fried chicken and other specialties. Besides our delicious fried chicken varieties, AFC has introduced a variety of fast food options such as poutine, burgers, and wraps.

Fast Food

This is a category of mass-produced food intended for commercial resale. In addition this strongly emphasizes on service speed over other important aspects of culinary science. Quick food got developed as a business strategy to cater to the growing numbers of harried commuters, travelers, and wage workers who frequently lacked the time to wait for their food at a pub or diner. We do not keep it cooked in advance like other fast-food restaurants. We will prepare and serve fresh food.

AFC- Fast Food Near

When visiting Edmonton, you must try AFC’s delicious fried chicken. Non-vegetarians will enjoy breaded chicken, tender chicken, poutine, popcorn chicken, etc. Vegetarians can choose between the vegetable wrap and the vegetable burger. Are you looking for some tasty fast food near me in Canada? AFC is the ideal location for a delicious meal. Fried chicken that is spicy, tangy, and delicious. Come visit AFC if you are drooling with excitement.

If you are looking for a quick, inexpensive, and filling meal, we recommend chicken wrap. Fillings that are delicious and nutritious. Our menu is chock-full of delectable fried chicken varieties, sides, drinks, and dips. This is more than enough to entice you to return for more. So, go ahead and try the flavors today. Others may not understand, but a chicken fan’s love for fried chicken is always growing.

Our flavors at fast food near

Those who enjoy the dish or simply want to know what all the fuss is about should try AFC’s four different flavors of fried chicken. Each bite of the chicken is delicious, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. This is a great quick meal for anyone. AFC classic, Lemon pepper garlic, Frank’s red hot and smoky chili.

  • AFC Classic: With our authentic and spicy flavor mixed with different ingredients consistently satiating the hunger of foodies.
  • Lemon Pepper Garlic: Combination of lemon, pepper and garlic a healthy flavor.
  • Frank’s Red Hot: A perfect flavor for not gaining weight.
  • Smoky crushed chillies: The dish gets a smoky, savory, and juicy flavor thanks to our smoky flavor.

Best Chicken Wraps Near Me

AFC chicken wraps come in the form of the AFC Jumbo Chicken Wrap Regular. This includes a whole wheat tortilla (12″), AFC special sauce, lettuce, tomato, and four different flavors of chicken fingers. Then there is the AFC Jumbo Chicken Wrap Meal, which comes with a side dish and drinks (355 ml) in addition to the chicken wrap. Wrapped in tortillas. Again, tortillas are unleavened, round, thin flatbreads. Fresh wheat or corn is the main component.

Evidently, there should not be any unpleasant tastes or odors in flour. Additionally, it should not taste sour or fermented. At AFC, we use fresh wheat flour to make tortillas that are 12 inches in diameter. More iron is found in flour tortillas, which our bodies need for proper oxygen delivery to our muscles and other tissues. Our tortillas have very wholesome fillings. So, it is obvious that you can include it on a healthy diet.

Chicken Lettuce Wrap-AFC chicken restaurants

Poutine: Fast Food Near Me

After a long day at work, do you yearn for something different? Then, we advise you to visit AFC to enjoy these wholesome and delectable poutines

The world’s best messy food? Gravy, cheese, and fries. Who does not love poutine? You will have a craving for fries, melted cheese, and gravy, even if you try to act like you do not like this messy piece of magic. And at AFC you can find the best butter chicken poutine in Edmonton. Definitely, it is worth trying the Indian-Canadian variation with AFC butter chicken gravy.

By ordering delicious chicken online, you can spend more time doing what you love. We have got you covered, meat lovers. Today, place an online order and pick it up at a nearby location. 

poutine canadian fast food near me

Fast Food Near Me

Finger chicken: 

Get ready for our finger chicken if you are craving some crispy fried chicken. With chicken fingers, you can not go wrong. It is a fantastic go-to meal for meat eaters. Among the high-quality ingredients we serve, we take pride in our better chicken. Although there is a wide variety of chicken options, the ultimate four flavors of chicken fingers are a menu standout. To go with your chicken, pick from a selection of comfort food staples like mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

An ideal size for sharing the traditional chicken finger. You might not want to share this delicious chicken, which is a special menu item covered in flavorful bread.

Breaded chicken, chicken wings breaded and non-breaded

This traditional breaded chicken always seems to turn out perfectly for us. Try our breaded chicken in four flavors if you are craving something upscale, but still can not help but crave breaded chicken.

Chicken wings: Buffalo wings or chicken wings were born in 1964. Unintentionally, in Buffalo, when a bar owner’s wife purchased chicken wings, this dish was born. Hence, the name “Buffalo wings.” Previously, the chicken wing had been a waste product. She prepared a tasty dish of fried wings in order to avoid wasting the purchased wings, and everyone enjoyed it. Then it developed into a tasty dish.

AFC offers this famous dish in a range of flavors, including plain, mild, spicy, and flaming hot. In fact, sweet BBQ is one of our sauce options. The renowned wings are available for purchase at fair prices. In addition, the dish is fresh, and it is the jumbo variety.

chicken tender food near me delivery
Smoky crushed chili wings
Frank's red hot chicken wings with sauce

Sides at Fast Food Near

AFC offers a variety of sides, including potato salad, coleslaw, garlic fries, mashed potatoes, and AFC special gravy. Moreover, these are some inventive AFC Chicken wrap combinations that are delicious. Additionally, our chefs have shown this to our clients, who have offered glowing endorsements for their mouthwatering tastes.

AFC serves chicken dishes in mild and spicy flavors and offers sides such as coleslaw and rice, mashed potatoes and French fries. Indeed, we offer chicken combos, family meals and tenders. The combos and family meals include a choice of one or more sides, including coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. Evidently, you will get top appetizers and sides with chicken.


We began with a small setup and have grown into a bigger eatery with a seating area. Of course, the crowd has only gotten larger, and many customers keep coming back for more of our delicious non-vegetarian fare. Do not forget to try our fried chicken options for our flavorful, succulent chicken. 

In urgent need of a speedy and delectable meal, because you have a movie to see or it is past your curfew. Undoubtedly, AFC will become your best friend. You can order any food-chicken, vegetables, you name it-and you will get them served in mouthwatering dishes. Our quick bites will become your favorite thing.