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Edmonton Food

Edmonton Food-Alberta Fried Chicken

AFC-Edmonton -Food

Edmonton food-Alberta Fried Chicken-AFC- we own the title of “Edmonton food” through our hard work. Started by three friends, while most other outlets provide only a single flavour, here offers you some excellent delicacies that you can’t find anywhere else.

AFC, don’t keep it cooked in advance, as always want to serve it fresh to you. Our aim at Alberta Fried Chicken is to provide unique delighting tastes to the people of Alberta.

Using local ingredients to bring special tastes and aromas to you. AFC maintains it as native as possible. It has been over a year since we started here in Alberta. Meanwhile, the economic scenario was not very enthusiastic.

Alberta Fried Chicken didn’t find it appropriate to have any big celebrations. But we thank all of you for your kind support and patronage. As we move on with our vision of delight you all with our unique delicacies, we wish to have you with us in our journey.

AFC is proud of our history while also looking to the future. Alberta Fried Chicken is always improving in order to make it easier for our customers to enjoy our chicken.

We are all about producing the most crave able, Colonel-inspired chicken in the world, the correct way, with our new distinctive flavours and forms. It is not us if it is not finger-licking’ excellent.

Definitely will continue to be one of the fastest growing retail brands in the globe, both in emerging and mature regions, thanks to our great franchise partners throughout the world.

Highlight Hints of AFC-Edmonton Food

AFC fried chicken Edmonton

AFC Classic

AFC Classic Chicken is our fresh, juicy, and tasty chicken cooked using just a hidden process. Its crispy-crunchy coating and moist chicken compel you to try it.

The batter is not too thick, and the serving sizes are adequate. Breading gives the chicken’s surface a crisp coating or crust while keeping the meat’s juices.

Frank’s Red Hot

It has a reddish black colour because of the use of Frank’s Red-Hot powder. Natural ingredients, such as chilies, give the meal its vibrant reddish black colour and spicy flavour.

We know the chemical Capsaicin is the reason for the spiciness of chiles. It can help you lose weight, fight cancer, reduce pain naturally, avoid stomach ulcers, battle infections, and maintain your heart in excellent condition. There were no synthetic colours applied.

Lemon Pepper Garlic

The key ingredient in lemon pepper garlic is black pepper, which gives it a strong, natural flavour. As a result, the colour has become black.

Lemons are high in vitamin C, which improves immunity and reduces the probability of sickness. Garlic is beneficial to the heart and acts as a natural antibiotic.

Peppers have a high nutritious value while being low in calories. Spicy dishes with lemon and garlic tastes give flavour to bland foods, making them more delicious.

Smokey Crushed Chillies

Smokey Crushed Chillies give a different flavour and smell of smoked toasted chilies. Some consumers still enjoy it, while others despise it.

It’s simply not for everyone. Deep-fried for 15 minutes, the coating of crushed chilli flakes burns, imparting a smokey taste that intensifies the flavour.

These unique tales have a commendable influence on AFC to achieve the title of “Edmonton Food’’

At Glace of-AFC Menu

Here you have at a glance of our menu for quick view

Breaded ChickenFried chicken that has a coating in bread crumbs and is then deep-fried.

Bucket Chicken-Bigger quantities of fried chicken served in cardboard containers.

Tender Chicken-tiny particles of flesh hanging to the bottom of each breast, healthy option for a lifetime

Poutine-  Dish where fries serve along with melting cheese and chicken pieces.

Burgers– ground or minced beef that is cooked and eaten in a bun. Also prepare burgers on different components, like turkey, tofu, or lamb.

Wraps- Crispy flour tortilla stuffed with juicy chicken, bacon, lettuce, avocado, and cheese covered with a delicious spicy ranch dressing.

Popcorn Chicken– A dish comprising small, bite-sized pieces of chicken that are breaded and fried.

Chicken Wings Breaded and Non-Breaded. Exceptional for Diet conscious people.

All mix bucket- (4 Flavours)– Fried chicken combo in our special 4 Flavours

Vegetable Menu- Choose our delicious Burgers, those who are having a vegetarian lifestyle.

Sides- Companion from us to you for the tasty food. Not only we keep choices in the main course but also insides dishes too.

Dipping & Drinks–  Serving different varieties of dips to improve the taste or texture of the dish.

Carbonated and non carbonates drinks to fulfil your meal plans.

Our Mission & Values

Our goal is to make tasty, enjoyable moments accessible to everyone.

This is how we nourish and develop communities uniquely. Providing excellent cuisine that people like eating among, in convenient locations and hours at reasonable rates, although we work hard to provide the quickness, variety, and personalization that our customers demand.

In short, afc don’t simply serve meals; we provide feel-enjoyable moments, all with the cheerful, friendly, and trustworthy attitude that customers expect.

“Actions speak louder than words’’

Our Values

The description of AFC is  a brand that our people, and the people we serve, can trust when we live our values every day and utilise them to make large and little choices.

Present you with a variety of delights that you will find nowhere else. AFC don’t store it cooked in advance since we want to offer it to you fresh.


If you are honestly a food hunter for varying tastes, you will find a milestone in AFC outlet with four authentic flavours.

By all means, our outlet offers many dishes cooked with fresh ingredients and also offers some of the most popular middle eastern dishes, whichever is guaranteed to please any guest.

AFC is working hard to achieve our consumers’ requirements in rapidity, variety, and individuality.

Our fried chicken dishes are unlike your regular fried chicken and we ensure that the taste is so mind-blowingly delicious that you would lick your hands clean.

Therefore, we made our caption like. It is not AFC’s if it is not finger-licking excellent.

Indo western ambience and the soothing music we provide will be an advantage to your dining time.

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