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Edmonton Best Buy

Alberta Fried Chicken is a well-known fried chicken restaurant and Edmonton Best Buy one.

AFC is the greatest fried chicken restaurant, and it is a family restaurant that provides some of Edmonton’s greatest fried chicken.

Our goal as Alberta Fried Chicken is to present Albertans with well-define flavors.

As a result, AFC has known itself as the “Edmonton Best Buy Fried Chicken.” We start it with three friends, and we would  like to keep as close to our roots as possible.

AFC is a true story about finding something precious and sharing it with those that matter to you.

The greatest place to gain Edmonton’s best buy fried chicken is at a well-known restaurant that specializes in fried chicken.

Fried Chicken is common at fast-food restaurants. AFC offers a variety of fried chicken alternatives.

Among the menu’s four flavor fried chicken options are AFC Classic, Frank’s Red Hot, Lemon Pepper Garlic, and Smoky Crushed Chilli.

Outlet open every day of the week, from 11 am to 9:30 pm. Also, Dining, PickUp & Delivery (11:30 am to 9 pm, within 10KM)

 If you are  seeking meals for any occasion, surely this restaurant is a wonderful option.

Alberta Fried Chicken

Alberta Fried Chicken is a fast-food restaurant chain establish in Edmonton, Alberta.

Traditional AFC chicken contains the most delicious chicken bread you have ever tasted.

In addition, these wonderful, typical chicken pieces have a beautiful touch of our secret recipe taste.

We do not simply provide food; we create unforgettable memories when we are at our finest.

Meanwhile, our consumers have grown to expect a cheerful, and believable approach from us.

Our customers may choose from four different fried chicken varieties from us.

AFC classic, Frank’s Red Hot, Lemon Pepper Garlic, and Smoky Crushed Chilli are the four varieties we provide.

In addition, traditional side dishes include mash potatoes, gravy, cheese, coleslaw, corn, and biscuits.

We have a variety of fried chicken flavors available, which you may see  below:

Edmonton Best Buy Fried chicken

AFC classic: The classic AFC chicken comes with the yummiest, elegant chicken bread you have ever had. So, our unique recipe  enhances the flavor of these superb, classic chicken pieces.

Edmonton Best Buy AFC classic

Frank’s Red Hot- Crushed chilies were used to deep-fry the chicken for 15 minutes. When burnt, they gives a smokey aroma that enhances the flavor of the chicken.

Frank’s Red Hot is the hot sauce that made Buffalo wings famous. Garlic and cayenne pepper are a fantastic combination.

The meal’s reddish-black color and intense flavor come from chilies and other natural components.

Chilies’ spiciness is because of a chemical called capsaicin.

Frank’s Red Hot fried chicken

Lemon Pepper Garlic: To get the robust and natural flavor of lemon pepper garlic, we use black pepper.

Lemons are high in vitamin C, which helps to build immunity and reduce the risk of falling sick.

Garlic, in particular, is an antibiotic that is also beneficial to your heart.

This taste is absolutely delectable!

Lemon Pepper Garlic

Smoky Crushed Chilli-Smokey Crushed Chillies has a unique flavor and a burnt aroma. When crushed chilies are deep-fried for 15 minutes, the coating burns, giving the dish a charred scent that enhances the flavor.

As a result, some individuals continue to enjoy it, while others despise it.

Red chilies are high in vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system and heal serious infections. It also helps to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Lemon pepper edmonton best buy

Best Buy Fast Foods in Edmonton

AFC offers a wide range of chicken products and fast food.

Alberta Fried Chicken is a Canadian fast-food restaurant company founded in Edmonton, Alberta. The restaurant offers burgers, wings, and typical Canadian food, including poutine and coleslaw and a range of chicken meals.

AFC’s menu now includes chicken and poutine, as well as burgers and beverages. We use fresh slice chicken in the company’s popular fried chicken dish.

Chicken marination  with a special combination of herbs and spices before being deep-frying in oil. As a result, we use the same recipe for fried chicken and fries.

AFC Edmonton has a wide range of chicken options to meet your needs. These four flavors provide a delectable and unique touch to the basic fried chicken we have all learned to adore.

These one-of-a-kind flavors are only available at AFC in Edmonton.

Alberta Fried Chicken Restaurant Menu

Fast-food joints are no longer the only places where you can purchase a burger or a hamburger.

Instead, they have earn a reputation for offering the greatest fried chicken in town. There are also a variety of sandwiches and burgers to select from, but this is not  your average fried chicken joint.

On the interior, it is soft and delicious, while the outside is crisp. When you are getting together with friends and family, each variety has a particular flavor profile that you will like.

Edmonton Best Buy Burger

Burgers commonly include cheese, cabbage, onion, tomato, pickles, bacon, bell peppers, and condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, or a special sauce.

Some ingredients in the burger provide beneficial proteins that aid muscle growth. Bacon, for example, is a fantastic source of protein that can help you stay in better shape.

Burgers are high in minerals and vitamins, most of which belong to the B vitamin family. B vitamins also aid in the production of red blood cells in the body.

Customers enjoy our regular burgers since they have common chicken tastes. Our AFC specialty burgers come with extra cheese, pickle, and onion, as well as extra mayo, lettuce, and tomato. AFC Burgers are the ultimate Edmonton best buy food.

Burger with Frank’s Red Hot Flavor

We make a chicken burger using Frank’s Red Hot fried chicken. Unfortunately, this recipe is only available in Alberta, Canada.

There are four flavors in the four-flavor fried chicken burger: AFC original, Frank’s Red Hot, Lemon Pepper Garlic, and Smoky Crushed Chilli.

Edmonton best buy AFC Burger

This burger will appeal to everyone because it isn’t your typical fried chicken. The spicy sauce adds just the right amount of perfect kick.

On the other side, the chicken provide some B-vitamins and protein. It might also be part of a healthful diet if serve with a side salad or vegetables and a full-grain.

Chicken/ Veggie wraps in Lemon Pepper Garlic Flavor

What better way to enjoy a delicious, crispy chicken wrap than wrapped in a fresh, fluffy tortilla? But, of course, a fantastic chicken wrap relies heavily on the sauce, and the lemon pepper garlic sauce adds a lot of zing to this one.

Alberta Fried Chicken is a fast-food restaurant that specializes in wraps. We provide a variety of wraps with a variety of sauces and fillings.

Edmonton best buy chicken/veggie wraps

There are two types of wraps on the Alberta Fried Chicken menu: chicken wraps and vegetarian wraps. The “Chicken Lettuce Wrap” is our most popular wrap.

On a base of lettuce, this dish combines lemon pepper garlic sauce with grilled chicken breast slices.

Traditionally, the fried chicken gets prepare by coating chicken in flour, seasoning it, and then pan-frying it. Because the cooking procedure only requires a shallow layer of oil.

Soft pieces of bread, such as tortillas or pita bread, are commonly use to make wraps. Wraps can have a variety of fillings on the inside, including vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes), meat (chicken breast or beef), cheese (American or cheddar), sauces (honey mustard), and dressing.

Aside from that, this dish is a vegetarian’s dream! You may use any vegetables you have on hand in place of the chicken. The pita, for example, will work great with peas, carrots, broccoli, or cauliflower.

Chicken Poutine

Do you enjoy poutine? AFC’s poutine is a must-eat food to try if you’re visiting the city.

Alberta Fried Chicken Restaurant is the greatest spot to go for poutine. So, we have ordinary and large-size poutines, as well as chicken and butter chicken poutines.

Edmonton Best Buy poutine

AFC serves a chicken poutine meal besides its four-flavor chicken fries. As a result, the dinner tastes significantly better.

For poutine, AFC is the Edmonton best buy fast food place to go to Edmonton. As previously said, if you’re seeking poutine in Edmonton, this is a wonderful spot to go.

In conclusion

Albert Fried Chicken is, without a doubt, the greatest fried chicken restaurant in Edmonton. Edmonton best buy fried chicken has been offering delicious dishes for quite some time.

Edmonton’s unquestioned fried chicken champion is Alberta Fried Chicken. AFC Classic, Frank’s Red Hot, Lemon Pepper Garlic, and Smoky Crushed Chilli are the four flavors available on our Poutine, Burgers, and Wraps.

We’ve been offering high-quality meals at a reasonable price to the general population. It’s also the place to go for any food-related occasion, including weddings, birthday celebrations, and family reunions.

However, we wish to extend our thanks to every one of you for your continuous patronage and support.