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Chicken Wings With Sauce

Fried chicken wings with sauce are a popular meal amongst diners. If you like fried chicken, you will probably enjoy fried chicken wings with sauce as well. In fact, we can prepare chicken wings in a variety of ways. However, the best chicken wings are at AFC. There are four different varieties of chicken wings with sauces.

Chicken wings are available, both breaded and non-breaded. Though, we have tried everything to make them the most delicious. Well, our goal is to make your heart and stomach happy.


Alberta Fried Chicken is a restaurant in Edmonton that serves the best fried chicken. We prepare not only meals for you. As you eat at AFC, our goal is to provide delight to your heart and mind. In addition, fried chicken is something that almost everyone enjoys.

So, how will it be if it comes in four different flavors? That is what we were thinking as we introduced four new varieties. And the four distinct flavors combine to create four distinct tastes. You can choose the mild flavor if you don’t like spicy chicken. Also, you can choose a spicy taste if you enjoy spiciness. Everything gets prepared with the customer’s best interests in mind.

fried chicken wings Edmonton

As a result, our fried chicken reflects both the customer’s preferences and the chef’s abilities. We also considered the preferences of our consumers when producing chicken wings. Hence, we offered both breaded and non-breaded chicken wings on our menu.

Chicken Wings' History

Chicken wings are a staple of the American way of life. They were not on any menus until a little over fifty years ago. Evidently, they were merely an afterthought in the kitchen. Then something unexpected happened. Fortunately, the mishap ushered in a new era of flavor for foodies. Also, it kept the chicken wings from going to waste.

The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, was the birthplace of chicken wings.

As a result, chicken wings are now known as Buffalo wings. We do not make these from bison; instead, we make them from chicken. Unintentionally, the wife of the owner of the Anchor bar ordered a case of chicken wings instead of chicken necks.

Therefore, she opted not to squander this ordinarily discarded chicken part. She deep-fried them and served them with a delectable vinaigrette. Then, she provided a late-night snack to her son and his friends. Actually, the dish was a hit with them.

When they served this dish at their restaurant, it was a hit. Then other restaurants copied it. That is how this delectable delicacy came to be. A seemingly insignificant component of a favorite meal, yet one that is extremely motivating. Isn’t that so?

Wings were easy to share and inexpensive. Indeed, it turned out to be a fantastic feast to share with others. While watching football with pals at bars, many preferred to order this dish. Not to mention that restaurants saw the potential of this relatively low-cost protein. Then there were the chicken wing days.

Nutritional Values for Chicken Wings

6 medium servings = 553 calories

37.06 g total fat

Sodium 776 mg, Cholesterol 159 mg, Protein 51.15 g, Calcium 29 mg,

Vitamin A 90 mcg, Iron 2.42 mg, Potassium 351 mg

Chicken wings provide a lot of health benefits

Among the chicken parts, chicken wings with sauce are the most delectable and delicate. In addition, we can eat as a snack or as a major entrée.

Actually, chicken wings have the properties and useful health benefits. Doctors prescribe chicken wings for therapeutic use. As a matter of fact, these are very nutritious. And usually chicken wings help to reduce hypertension and diabetes.

Also, these have a therapeutic effect on metabolic disorders like gout and arthritis. Besides, patients who suffer from atherosclerosis and heart disease will benefit from chicken wings. 

  1. Speedy recovery from injuries.
  2. Works against depression.
  3. Increases hemoglobin.
  4. Raises immunity.
  5. Results in healthy nails, skin and hair.
  6. Prevents cancer.
  7. Improves fertility.
  8. Regulates blood glucose.

Above mentioned are some of the health benefits of chicken wings. Still, there are many.


At AFC, we serve both breaded chicken wings and non-breaded chicken wings with sauces. 

Breaded chicken wings: Breaded chicken wings have some kind of coating on it like bread crumbs, batter or flour. Before the cooking process, chicken wings get marinated with a crunchy outer coating and flavor layer. 

At AFC, breaded chicken wings with sauces are available as a meal and a regular option. Sets of 5 pc, 10 pc, and 24 pc are available. Preparation time is 7-10 minutes. In addition, breaded chicken wings with sauces are available in all the 4 flavors. With the meal option, you get a side dish and 355 ml drink. 

Chicken wings with sauce

Non-Breaded chicken wings: Clearly, non-breaded chicken wings have no coating. These are just cooked chicken. At AFC, non-breaded chicken wings are also available as meal and regular options.

Like breaded chicken wings, non-breaded chicken wings are also available from 5 pc to 24 pc.

Moreover, preparation time is the same as breaded one. 7-10 minutes. With meal options, you get side dishes and 355 ml drinks. Only difference is that non-breaded ones are available only in two flavors: Lemon pepper garlic or hot wings.

Frank's red hot chicken wings with sauce

AFC Chicken Wings-Flavors

Chicken wings with sauce are a favorite of many people. Because they’re adaptable and convenient. You can order hot and spicy wings, moderate wings, or everything in between at AFC. Despite the fact that chicken wings are found on the menus of numerous places, AFC has some unique chicken wings to offer. Well, other hotels are not like this.

There are four distinct AFC flavors to choose from.

AFC Classic: This is a flavor that is exclusive to AFC. In this flavor, we use our top-secret components. So, we are confident that you will like these iconic chicken wings.

AFC Lemon Pepper Garlic:  On the inside, it’s tender and delicious. Wings with a lemon pepper flavor have a distinct charm. The seasoning mixes the powerful sour citrus aromas of lemon oil. Besides, these are crispy on the outside.

The sharp strong flavor of black pepper creates a taste like any other. In reality, garlic adds the taste of a pleasant bit of garlic bread. But with chicken also involved the dish becomes more delightful.

AFC all bucket Chicken

Smoky crushed Chili: Smokey and savory flavor. Did you ever have the idea that you can smoke your delicious chicken wings? Happily, we at AFC do that for you. If you are interested in an entirely new flavor profile to your wings try this unique flavor. 


Frank’s Red Hot: Do you prefer your wings to be spicy or mild? With Frank’s red hot flavor, you get to choose. Well, the flavor of America comes from the combination of garlic, hot cayenne pepper, and butter. Typically, chicken wings are deep fried. However, before that, the wings are bathed in a spicy sauce.

In Conclusion

Alberta Fried Chicken is one of Canada’s most popular fried chicken restaurants. With our fried chicken variety, you will undoubtedly have a finger-licking experience. Also, we offer delectable sides and beverages. In addition, we provide vegetarian options such as vegetable burgers and vegetable wraps. Our goal is to provide Albertans with unique and delectable flavors.

We are pleased to inform you that your enjoyment is the driving force behind our success. Furthermore, we appreciate your help tremendously. In fact, we’re looking forward to surprising you with new flavors and cuisines.

As a matter of fact, we have established ourselves as a go-to spot for unique and delectable fried chicken.

We do not just provide meals when we are at our best. Besides, we deliver pleasurable experiences. Happily, we provide a wide range of goodies for you. Clearly, we don’t keep it cooked ahead. Thus we provide freshly prepared meals.

As a result, we cordially encourage you to try our chicken wings at AFC. You get to choose the flavor. In addition, you can choose between breaded and non-breaded options. Whatever the situation may be, you will have a satisfying experience. Both the heart and stomach will have a delightful experience.