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Chicken Restaurants

The phrase “chicken restaurants” alone makes our mouths water. As the name indicates, these chicken restaurants are famous for serving chicken meals. AFC is one of the best chicken restaurants which serves fried chicken, chicken burgers, chicken wraps, and others. Here you will get chicken with a twist.

Most fried chicken recipes include one or more “secrets.” However, the chef at Alberta Fried Chicken uses around four distinctive techniques. As a result, we end up having one of Alberta’s best plates of fried chicken. Lightly breaded chicken has extremely crisp skin and extremely juicy flesh. Well, we offer mashed potatoes, biscuits, and honey spicy sauce besides the fried chicken. Are you still hungry?

Special flavors of AFC–Chicken Restaurants

Our chicken restaurant’s offering consists of chicken pieces seasoned with four distinct flavors: AFC Classic, Frank’s Red Hot, Lemon Pepper Garlic, and smoky Crushed Chilies.

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smoky crushed chilli chicken fried

AFC Classic: The most incredible, delicious chicken bread you have ever eaten is available in AFC chicken.  Again, the flavor of our exclusive recipe adds a lovely finishing touch to these wonderful, traditional chicken pieces.

Frank’s Red hot

No artificial flavors or colors are present in Frank’s Red hot. In fact, the chicken piece looks reddish black due to the Frank’s Red Hot powder.

Lemon pepper garlic

The key to making lemon pepper garlic is using black pepper to give it a potent, distinctive flavor. As a result, the color has become black.

Smoky crushed chili

A distinct flavor with a roasted, smoky aroma. Crushed red chili flakes burn during the 15 minutes of deep frying, adding a smoky flavor and increasing the flavor. First, we will smoke the chicken then fry it.

Restaurants for Chicken Poutine

Quebec is where the Canadian delicacy poutine first appeared. Besides, this recipe is both delicious and nutritious. This dish’s primary components are cheese curds, French fries, and brown gravy.

In addition, we provide three varieties of poutine at AFC. Poutine comes in three different flavors: Butter Chicken, Poutine, and Chicken Poutine.

Moreover, French fries in this recipe provide crispiness. The dish gets an original and flavorful touch with cheese curds and gravy.


Chicken Restaurants offering Popcorn Chicken

At AFC, these are the most delicious foods. Evidently, if you want them to taste excellent, it is also critical to cook them at the proper temperature. There are packages for small, medium, and big popcorn chickens. In fact, all the boxes include normal and dinner options. Well, AFC offers popcorn chicken in a particular flavor.

They are not only the best, but they are also flavorful, crispy, and delicious. They are extremely crispy in texture. Additionally, it is economical. In addition, it is also a quick and delectable way to feed your children. Moreover, this boneless chicken has superb breast meat. The popcorn chicken becomes softer by marinating.

Again, breading creates a delicious and crunchy exterior. Indeed, the ideal size for snacking while traveling. Each piece is easily chewable. Not to mention, this is the most well-known preparation of fried chicken. Also, the strips are very crispy and come with delectable sides.

Actually, the flavor of our popcorn chicken comes from coating the pieces in seasoned flour or batter. When food is crispy, crunchy, and juicy, it tastes much better. You can even use them as snacks.


The mouthwatering chicken wraps we serve at AFC will have you licking your fingers. We can infer this from the fact that our chicken wrap consists of a whole wheat tortilla with a 12-inch diameter. Actually, chicken wrap consists of chicken fingers, lettuce, and AFC special sauce (our chefs bread the white chicken strips in four different mouthwatering AFC seasonings before deep frying them).

Moreover, there is a standard version of the AFC chicken wrap called the AFC Jumbo Chicken wrap. This comes with a whole wheat tortilla (12″), AFC special sauce, lettuce, tomato, and four different kinds of chicken fingers. Then you receive the AFC Jumbo Chicken Wrap Meal, which also includes a side dish and beverages (355 ml).

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Chicken Thighs

Our chicken thighs make a tasty and simple main dish. These thighs, on the other hand, have a fantastically crispy surface and incredibly juicy meat. A savory restaurants spice rub tastes wonderful on crispy chicken thighs. Additionally, they crisp up beautifully while keeping their delectable moisture. Actually, they are easy to make and excellent to eat. We enhance their flavor further. They bake up rich and flavorful because they have more fat.

The chicken thigh is a poultry cut that is separated from the chicken drumstick at the top of the leg, above the knee. Chicken thighs have the best flavor without a marinade or sauce.

Our Chicken Restaurant’s Breaded Chicken

If you order three pieces of breaded chicken, in addition to your preferred flavor of breaded chicken, you will also get one biscuit, a small side dish, and chicken thighs, drumsticks, and breasts.

Chicken breasts, drumsticks, thighs, wings, a small side, a drink, and one biscuit make up a breaded chicken four-piece meal. It takes about 15-20 minutes to prepare. They are wonderful because our experts marinate them and cook them fully fresh. This dinner is especially juicy and fresh since we cook it with fresh ingredients. All the flavors are wonderful and reasonably priced.

Give it a try and you see it stands out from the competition by offering good quality and quantity chicken at an affordable price.

Featured Products for Chicken Restaurants

You may get the AFC product in two- or three-piece individual servings or in a family-sized cardboard bucket that can accommodate six to sixteen pieces of chicken. The current chicken cut used in the United States is an eight-piece cut. But the nine-piece cut is the Canadian way of cutting. Depending on the oil type and whether the chicken gets to eat wheat or maize, the flavor would differ.


AFC is proud of its history, but without the support of our clients, we could not be where we are now. This chicken restaurant values your steadfast support and business. Thus we hope you will join us in our effort to surprise you all with our distinctive delicacies.

In actuality, AFC started with a group of three close friends. We have almost been in Alberta for a year. Our main aim was to provide our devoted customers with juicy, spicy, fresh, and delicious fried chicken. However, our chicken restaurant has remained committed to making it simpler for our clients to benefit from our services from now on. This Chicken restaurants has become the leader in the fried chicken business.

In Conclusion

We set out with the frank but important goal of creating a brand that delights and satisfies. And AFC makes our loyal customers grin all around the world. This vital change became possible by looking at how families enjoy themselves. For unusual and tasty fried chicken, AFC has become an endpoint.

Customers adore the reform. At AFC, we take pride in offering premium, freshly raised chicken, a new menu, or special services and places. Our chefs also provide dishes with different flavors for kids on our menu. 

Moreover, AFC is a determined fast-food restaurant that produces fantastic specials that are not available anywhere else. In addition, other restaurants only offer one taste. Every piece of popcorn chicken upholds AFC’s dedication to quality and high standards.