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AFC is a brand that has built a reputation for unrivaled quality and devotion in the fast-food industry, particularly in the field of Fried Chicken. When we began with three friends, our aim was to develop a brand that would deliver joy, contentment, and smiles to its clients all over the world. As a result, we continue to achieve significant development in our field.

If you are searching for something different and delicious, AFC is the place to come. In addition, if you’re tired of regular fast food, AFC is a tasty substitute. AFC Chicken provides high-quality, fresh, locally raised chicken.

Furthermore, Alberta Fried Chicken offers Albertans a variety of delectable flavors. We cook the fried chicken with local ingredients, but there are always unique flavors and scents. In addition, we prepare food fresh to order.


Fried chicken originated in the southern United States and is present in Scottish and West African cuisines.

What exactly do you mean by “fried chicken”? As the name implies, we fry chicken in a variety of ways, including pan-frying, deep-frying, pressure frying, and air frying. However, it is tasty when we coat the pieces in seasoned flour or batter.

It becomes more delicious when fried chicken is crispy, crunchy, and juicy. But it’s a hot and salty meal. Evidently, the spicy flavor comes from a chilly coating, such as paprika or hot sauce.

When other restaurants offer only one flavor, AFC is a determined fast-food restaurant that delivers amazing specialties that are not available anywhere else. In addition, AFC offers four various flavors of fried chicken.

AFC Four Flavors


The chicken is breaded with tasty crumbs and spices, as well as secret seasonings, by AFC chefs. Because of the secret ingredient, the AFC classic is the most exquisite, scrumptious chicken-fried.

They’re also quite juicy and a sensory experience. Not to mention that the chicken breading creates a crispy-crunchy top while retaining the chicken’s juices, urging you to devour it right away.

AFC classic fried chicken food near me delivery


This flavor is available in all of AFC’s chicken-fried varieties. The red color of Frank’s Red Hot powder comes from natural ingredients such as chilies. Moreover, this ideally combines garlic and cayenne pepper, providing the perfect balance of flavor and heat.

If you want to eat a delicious quick dinner without gaining weight, this is the flavor for you because it contains no calories or fat.

Our Yummy, Juicy Chicken Frieds are:


Lemon Pepper Garlic’s buried secret is that AFC uses black pepper to give it a robust, unrivaled flavor, hence the black color.

Moreover, the acidity of the lemon helps to balance out the harsher flavor of the chicken thighs and legs, as well as the fat from the skin. Furthermore, peppers have few calories but a high nutritional value. Garlic is also heart-healthy and acts as a natural antimicrobial.

Then there’s the added crunch of the bread crumbs, as well as the secret AFC flavor. Evidently, our chefs clearly create a delicate and delectable dish by simmering the chicken in lemon and butter juice.

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smoky crushed chilli chicken fried


Smoked crushed chilies have a distinct flavor and a smoky burnt aroma. Not to mention, it will appeal to those who enjoy a smoky aroma and flavor.

Because of its charred, smokey scent, AFC’s Smoky crushed chicken has a powerful taste. It’s because the crushed chili topping burns after 15 minutes of deep frying, leaving a charred, smoky odor. Evidently, this smoky odor goes well with the fried chicken’s flavor.



Breading chicken is a technique for improving the flavor and texture of chicken by coating it in bread crumbs before cooking. After breading the chicken, deep fry it to create a crispy, crunchy crust that completely covers the pieces. In fact, breading the chicken underneath allows it to cook more gently and evenly.

Fresh, juicy, and delectable breaded chicken is available from AFC. A golden crispy layer of bread crumbs wraps juicy, tender chicken.

You can get sets ranging from 2 to 4 pieces of breaded chicken in both standard and meal sizes at AFC- Fried Chicken in Edmonton. For example, when you order two breaded chicken pieces, you get one small side and a drink beside the chicken breasts and drumsticks in any four AFC flavors.

You’ll get chicken breasts, drumsticks, and thighs, as well as a small side dish if you order three pieces of breaded chicken.


Popcorn chicken resembles popped corn kernels, thus the name popcorn chicken. Moreover, the chicken pieces are small enough that you can eat a few at a time.

These are the most popular items at AFC and are very delicious. Obviously, it is also crucial to cook them at the proper temperature to make them delicious.

Small, medium and large popcorn chicken packages are available. All the packs include both normal and meal options. The preparation time is 4-6 minutes, and we cook everything to order.

AFC also offers popcorn chicken in four different flavors. They’re not only delicious, crispy, and flavorful, but they’re also the best.

Our Secret Chicken Frieds are:


Tender chicken is a boneless, skinless chicken breast fried thoroughly. As a result, it is a popular dish among young and older people. To put it another way, this is a breaded, deep-fried chicken breast. Chicken tenders are, in fact, small pieces of flesh attached to the bottom of each breast.  

You need to prepare them properly to get soft and juicy chicken-fried. Evidently, AFC will do it properly for you. Not to mention, it’s a rare treat. As you may know, the chicken finger is another name for chicken tenders.

AFC offers tender chicken fingers in quantities ranging from 5 to 40. The four flavors of chicken tenders listed above are available. The time to prepare is 5-10 minutes. Above all, we don’t prepare ahead of time, as is customary, and cook to order.


Chicken wings come in two varieties at AFC: breaded and non-breaded.

The breaded chicken wings have breaded coating with one of AFC’s four unique flavors. Especially, these chicken wings are juicy, tender, and flavorful.

The non-breaded chicken wing is a deep-fried chicken wing without breading, then coated or dipped in cayenne pepper or acid-based sauce.

Lemon Pepper Garlic or hot wings are available at AFC. A side dish is also available with the non-breaded wings meal option.

The sets are available in sizes ranging from 5 to 24 pieces. It takes 7-10 minutes to prepare the dish.

Tender Chicken fried
chicken fried wings


AFC offers high-quality, freshly prepared, and locally sourced fried chicken. We serve golden-fried chicken that is crispy, crunchy, and juicy. The pieces are of a reasonable size. Added to it, they are healthy because they are not greasy. Our dishes have a distinct and delectable flavor.

We keep hygiene in mind while preparing, packaging, and transporting the food. As a result, we keep a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness. Even we sterilize AFC bags.

Why don’t you try AFC Fried Chicken next time? Undoubtedly, you’ll love it until the last bite.