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Butter Chicken Poutine–AFC

Butter Chicken Poutine is an Indian take on poutine, a popular Canadian dish. The finest taste combination is fries soaked with butter chicken. This recipe is excellent, tasty, and totally delicious. We made this scrumptious poutine with a combination of Indian butter chicken and a Canadian finish. Poutine with butter chicken is all the rage in Canadian restaurants. When you combine butter chicken with fresh fries, you get a winning dish.

As you may know, butter chicken gravy pairs wonderfully with rice and chapatti. For a unique twist, try pouring this creamy, gently spicy sauce over fresh cheese curds and fries. Your heart will undoubtedly melt. Indeed, butter chicken gravy deliciously combines butter, tomato sauce, and traditional Indian spices like Kasuri methi. Well, Kasuri methi means dried fenugreek leaves. This tomato gravy is spicy, fragrant, and creamy. And this gravy takes the dish to a whole new level of delectability. 

At AFC, we have the best Poutine around. This poutine is delicious to eat. Apart from the Butter Chicken Poutine, we offer two additional delectable poutines. Before we go into our butter chicken poutine, let’s take a peek at AFC.


In fact, we are Alberta’s best fried chicken restaurant. This restaurant got started with three friends with the intention of delivering unusual flavours. Above all, we wanted our cuisine to provide delight and satisfaction to our clients. Alberta’s fried chicken is a delicious fast food alternative. Over the years, AFC has clearly established itself as Alberta’s most popular fried chicken restaurant.

Food gets prepared to order. We provide four distinct tastes that you won’t find anyplace else, unlike other retailers. Because of the poor financial position, we decided not to make it an enormous affair. However, with your help and support, we could get to where we are now. We obviously want to show our appreciation by presenting our unique cuisines and flavours.

In addition, we introduce you to poutine because of our desire to excite you with a range of cuisines. Poutine comes in three varieties at AFC. Butter Chicken Poutine, Poutine, and Chicken Poutine are our options.

A Canadian Food - Poutine

The name Poutine comes from the word pudding in English. Well, Poutine is a Quebec-originating Canadian food. It is, without a doubt, a popular Quebec dish. The word Poutine means mess in Quebec. It is an awkward mixture of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy. You can use ketchup or vinegar to personalize the dish. This is a tasty and nutritious dinner. French fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy are the key ingredients in this dish.

The meal originated in Quebec, where dairy farms create a rich supply of fresh cheese curds. Poutine is also the only food that everyone in Canada eats and prepares. 

As poutine became more popular, new variations appeared. Italian poutine (spaghetti sauce or sausage in place of gravy), veggie poutine (mushroom sauce and vegetables), and Irish poutine (made with lardons) are just a few examples.

Then a new poutine took birth, a combination of Indian food and the Canadian poutine. That is our famous butter chicken poutine, which is also really tasty.

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Butter Chicken Poutine

This dish comprises freshly prepared double blanched fries, cheese, and AFC Special butter chicken gravy (sweet taste). In actuality, this meal is a hybrid of Indian butter chicken and Canadian poutine. The crispy potato fries get served with cheese curds and butter chicken gravy on the side at AFC.

Well, butter chicken poutine also has a lot of carbohydrates, fibre, and protein. In fact, a high carbohydrate and fibre content improves digestion. It also offers more energy. Protein is another key component of our diet.

  • French fries: The fries become prepared using thick potatoes. We cook them twice, first blanching them then frying them. Furthermore, our chefs prepare them for your specifications. Because of the repeated blanching, the fries have a soft creamy interior. And it has a golden, crispy exterior.
  • Cheese Curds: These are fresh cheese curds. Besides, the flavour is light. And the texture is comparable to that of cheese, despite being creamy and acidic. This appears to be the type of wet curdled milk pieces popular in Quebec. Still, the cheese curds melt unusually when heated by the sauce.
  • Butter Chicken Gravy: A traditional Indian meal is butter chicken. As the name implies, it is a creamy gravy. Indian cuisine is incomplete without butter chicken gravy. The flavour of chicken butter masala is sweet and gently spicy. Additionally, the gravy is distinctive because it gets marinated in yoghurt and Indian spices. Then goes cooked in cream with a thick tomato and butter gravy.
butter chicken poutine

AFC Butter Chicken Poutine

This tasty poutine is one of AFC’s specialty meals. Butter Chicken Poutine comes in two sizes: standard (26 oz) and large (32 oz) (40 oz). This dish takes 7-10 minutes to prepare. Once you’ve decided on a flavour, you can choose between sauce and ketchup. Honey mustard, sweet and savour, Honey Mustard sauces are also available for dipping. After that, you can choose from a range of drinks.

AFC's Delightful Flavors:

With our flavorful butter chicken, we will make your Butter Chicken experience the most delightful. The following are our most popular flavours:

AFC offers four different fried chicken varieties.

  • CLASSIC AFC: This is a top-secret flavour of ours. It is, nevertheless, both classic and fantastic, as the name implies. Our experts combine secret herbs and spices to produce this iconic flavour. And we guarantee that when it comes to poutine, this flavour will not disappoint.
  • FRANK’S RED HEAT: It’s as hot as the name implies. Well, it’s a dark reddish black colour. The colour comes from the red hot powder, which is unique. This intense red hot sauce gets created with garlic and cayenne pepper. Furthermore, there is no artificial flavour in creating the red hue.
  • LEMON PEPPER GARLIC: The meal takes on a black appearance because of the lemon pepper garlic flavour. Besides, pepper is the key to the black colour. The pepper’s more caustic flavour gets softened by lemon. That lemon not only included vitamin C, but it also helps to increase immunity. Garlic is heart-healthy and gives the dish a distinct flavour.
  • SMOKY CRUSHED CHILLI: The fragrance of this taste is smoky. Crushed chilies applied to the chicken get burnt when deep fried for 15 minutes. Evidently, crushed chilies get naturally burnt, giving the food a smoky flavour and aroma.
butter chicken poutine


  • At AFC, the butter chicken poutine is a wonderful experience. The delicious combination of freshly prepared fries, cheese curds, and butter chicken gravy.
  • Nowadays, People live in a fast-paced atmosphere. They prefer things to be straightforward and quick. In fact, they benefit from fast food businesses since they live a fast-paced lifestyle.
  • Furthermore, AFC is a fast-food restaurant that can meet all of your culinary requirements rapidly. Indeed, you can better utilise your cooking time by doing something else. This is because we prepare delicious, sanitary, and nutritious cuisine at AFC. Well, you will get wholly fulfilledafter eating our food with your family. Not to mention that both adults and children like our cuisine.

If you’re searching for something different from your normal order, try our butter chicken poutine.