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Greetings to all our dear patrons, we hope everyone is safe in this pandemic. Do you frequently question yourself, “Where should I go out for a burger?”. Since it is time to enjoy delicacies, we will share some of our secrets with you here. It thrilled us to introduce to you all some of our burgers in different flavours.

If you shape anything into a patty, grill it, then serve it in a bun or bread. You may call it a burger. Why are they titled hamburgers if they do not really use any ham? Their word derives from Hamburg, Germany.

Hamburgers traditionally eaten with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, bacon, or chiles, along with ketchup such as tomato sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, or a special sauce, which would be commonly a variant of Thousand Islands dressing, and frequently combined with sesame seed buns for a unique flavour.

The epithet “burger” soon became a self-contained word associated with a broad variety of sandwiches. It is a well-known dish around the world. The non-Vegetarian subcategory mainly comprises the variety of burgers. Indeed, vegetarian possibilities are abundant, whether you fill them with vegetables or pack a meatless punch.

AFC-Burger Kings of Alberta


AFC -Alberta Fried Chicken- is a restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Give many fried chickens. AFC has been running in Alberta for almost a year. Our intention is to present you with varied hints and smells; thus, we use locally sourced cuisine. In a unique approach, we are trying to feed and create communities.

AFC offer exceptional cuisine that people like eating in convenient places and hours at fair prices, and we work hard to meet our clients’ demands for speed, variety, and personalization. We do not just offer meals at our best; we deliver feel-good moments, all with the cheery, courteous, and trustworthy attitude that our clients have grown to expect.

While most other places only provide a single flavor, we offer a wide range of delicacies.

What we serve -Art of Blend

There are indeed prestigious four seasoned burgers built with white meat that you will not find at any other food outlets.

 Our patty is a half-inch wider than our bread. Even with toppings, the burger will seem small unless it does not shrink on the grill.

AFC Classic- hint

This is a greasy spoon diner burger, with the patty weight featured prominently on the menu. After all, the juices will impair the structural quality of the burger, so eat quickly before it turns to mush.

The patty is thin and frequently baked under the broiler. When done properly, the drained fat should produce a crisp crust on the meat. The strength of this crust provides a hefty dose of salty savour.

Even layers result in a significantly more balanced flavour experience, and the tiny size allows for simple flapping. Over all, a tasty feast for your taste buds from a single bite.

Crushed Red Chilli

The broader, chunkier patties have often been char-grilled, and the meat is a key feature of this Crushed Chill Burger. Typically, we will present it as a flawless dome and are generally served toasted or mildly grilled. Buns have an exterior crust and a soft core which is somewhat spongy and excellent at receiving the patty’s juices.

It is definitely a must try! Order and try for yourself. Once you compare the price to how it looks and tastes, you will get surprised. It is restaurant quality! It comes with our special sauce.

We have kept two more specialties for you


Frank’s Red Hot

We composed this burger of scaly skin and Frank’s red-hot powder, which gives it a red hue when baking. Frank’s Red-hot is the fiery sauce that turned Buffalo wings iconic. The proper selection of respectful garlic and spicy cayenne pepper ensures optimal flavour.

Bun Sesame-seed bun, nicely toasted and fluffy. We serve AFC Special 100 percent White Meat Patties with Cheese, Pickle, Onion, Mayo, Lettuce, and tomato.

Lemon Pepper Garlic

Lemon has an acidic tang that helps to balance the harsher flavour and aroma of the dark meat in chicken thighs and legs, as well as the fat from the skin.

Pepper, we saw that 0.50%, 0.75%, and 1% black pepper to broiler chicks elevated their overall performance.

Garlic is one of those ingredients that is used in almost every cuisine across the world, from Italian to Indian.

Patty cooked by using white flesh and flavoured with black pepper. Also, it has a deep scent, which accounts for the dark colour. A bun has an outer crust and a soft inside. A little is even better. We deploy AFC special 100% white meat patties as fillings. Accompanied with garlic paste, tomato, and lettuce.

Vegans we care for you

We gave equal important to our Vegan patrons also, so we have included nutritious vegetable burgers in to our menu card, not only a burger whether we filled them with vegetables or have a vegetarian kick. We assure that the grains and vegetables used in the patties washed and kept clean before use to secure the avoidance of dirt, microorganisms, chemical residues, and other things that may be present on the raw ingredients.

The exact ratio of grains to vegetable changes per burgers, resulting in a variety of textures and flavours. The wetness from the veggies makes the burger mixture sticky, causing it to clump together like cookie dough. This is necessary because it helps the veggie burger to stay together to form the patties.

To produce a high-quality product, patties are first examined to verify they have the perfect form, size, and texture.

In Summary

We present a good deal of food made with fresh ingredients and some of the most popular Middle Eastern cuisines, all of which are sure to delight our guests. And there you have it: our four must-try scrumptious burger patties. This Burger patty is ideal for those searching for leaner beef with a deeper, smoother feel.

To recapitulate, a visit to AFC will not only satisfy your stomach, but will also fill your spirit with taste. We assure that our new food items will be a mouth-watering cause for all those who taste it at least once time and we are sure that everyone will keep checking on the daily availability of our new variety burgers.

Main attractive point of our new burger is that this is totally a calorie counting food. So those who are particular about the calories and weight can have these varieties with no hesitations. We consider our little munchkins to those who really love burgers for their convenience. We made our patty and the bun in a very soft condition.

So, they can have their favorite hint with nobody’s help. We serve accompaniments to ‌choice; we are sure that these are exclusive deals only AFC offers.