AFC Chicken- A Juicy and Mouth-watering fried chicken

Alberta Fried Chicken Restaurant

Alberta Fried Chicken, or AFC, is a quick service restaurant franchise based in Edmonton, Alberta. AFC’s fried chicken, produced from a secret Albertan recipe, is juicy, mouth-watering, and perfectly seasoned, and Edmontonian’s need to get their hands on it as soon as possible. We guarantee you will appreciate every single bite.

For food, our aim at Alberta Fried Chicken is to provide Albertans with distinct, exquisite tastes. With three friends, we started it, and we aim to maintain it true to its origins as much as possible.

These days, people are living faster and more luxuriously. Therefore, people demand quick meals that can fill their appetites in a shorter length of time in order to save time. Currently, people prefer to eat quick food and explore new things. Among the favourites, fried chicken, this is a favourite of many.

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Facts of AFC

What makes AFC Fried Chicken different from the other fried chicken restaurants in town? Instead of a single flavour, we provide a wide selection of pleasures that you will not find anywhere else. For this reason, we cook nothing ahead of time, and instead, serve it to you as quickly as possible.

History of Fried Chicken

Now, Alberta Fried Chicken is here with four exquisite specialties, AFC original, Frank’s red hot, Lemon pepper garlic, and Smoky crushed chilli-fried chicken, to provide you with distinct delightful flavours. Despite its southern beginnings, fried chicken eventually became a true national dish-but it did not stop there.

The word “fried chicken” first used in the 1830s and appears often in the 1860s and 1870s American cookbooks. The roots of fried chicken in the southern United States traced back to Scottish and West African cuisines. For centuries, fried chicken’s genuine Southern origins went unquestioned.

Southern fried chicken, often known as fried chicken, is a meal composed of chicken pieces that have been pan-fried, deep-fried, pressure-fried, or air-fried after coated in seasoned flour or batter. The breading provides the exterior of the chicken with a crisp coating or crust while retaining the meat’s juices.

Fortunately, several ingenious people found some techniques to cook large batches of fried chicken while keeping it warm and crispy for consumers to devour in demand. Moreover, with substantial changes, fried chicken transformed from a Sunday special to a daily special.

Why should you try Alberta Fried Chicken?

Alberta Fried Chicken is the community’s ode to classic AFC chicken. All of our chicken will be high quality, locally sourced, and freshly prepared.

Chicken is a high-protein, nutrient-dense food that can aid in weight loss and reduce your risk of heart disease. When done correctly, deep-frying creates a pleasing contrast between the crispy-crunchy coating and the soft chicken. Crispness, besides providing a simple sensory pleasure, provides a signal to our brain that the food is in excellent health.

Chicken contains tryptophan, an amino acid related to high levels of serotonin, the “feel good” hormone in our brains. Including chicken in your diet can help you develop muscle and keep your bones in excellent shape.

We take great pride in our distinctive golden-fried, crispy and never frozen fried chicken. The batter is not too thick, and the pieces are a good size. In addition, once you have tried it, you will never regret purchasing it and will continue to use it.

What is on the AFC menu?

AFC Chicken’s main concentration is on chicken, as the name implies. As stated previously, our restaurant offers the same delicious chicken in a variety of forms. Chicken wraps, chicken fingers, popcorn chicken, chicken burgers, and classic chicken pieces are all on the menu. Individuals, groups, families, and all children catered to in our menus. As a result, we can offer you a wide range of flavours and fragrances that are unique to you.

Individual AFC breaded chicken sets and AFC bucket chicken sets are available. On our menu, we also have a special Poutine section and a vegetarian section. Moreover, we provide a variety of sides, as well as dipping sauces and drinks.

Most fast-food restaurants provide a single or dual flavour. However, we have four specialties on our menu: 

1. AFC classic

2. Frank’s Red Hot

3. Lemon Pepper Garlic

4. Smokey crushed Chillies

Fried Chicken varities

AFC Classic

AFC Classic Chicken is our fresh, juicy, and delectable chicken prepared according to a secret formula. Its crispy-crunchy coating and tender chicken entices you to try it. The batter is not too thick, and the quantities are reasonable. Breading provides the exterior of the chicken with a crisp coating or crust while retaining the meat’s juices.

Frank’s Red Hot

It has a reddish black colour that comes from Frank’s Red Hot powder. Natural ingredients like chillies give the dish its bright reddish black colour, as well as a spicy flavour. The chemical Capsaicin gives chillies their spiciness. It can help you lose weight, can help you fight cancer, can help you relieve pain naturally, can aid in the prevention of stomach ulcers, aid in the fight against infections and keeps your heart in good shape. There were no artificial colours used.

Lemon Pepper Garlic

The hidden secret of lemon pepper garlic is that we use black pepper to give it a powerful, natural flavour. As a result, the colour is black. Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C, which boosts immunity and lowers the risk of illness. Garlic is good for your heart and it serves as a natural antibiotic. Peppers are low in calories and high in nutritional value. In addition, spicy foods with the taste of lemon and garlic add flavour to boring foods, making them more enjoyable.

Smokey Crushed Chillies

Smokey Crushed Chillies have a unique flavour with a Smokey burnt aroma. Some people still love it, while others dislike it. It is just not for everyone. AFC Smokey Crushed Chillies deep-fried for 15 minutes, the covering of crushed chilli flakes burns, giving off a smoky taste that enhances the flavour.

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fried chicken dishes

What additional dishes do we offer?

Instead of fried chicken, we offer a variety of chicken dishes and vegetarian options, too. Also provided are sides, dipping sauces, and drinks. 

Breaded Chicken

Individual AFC breaded chicken sets with 2-4 pieces and AFC bucket chicken sets with 8 to 32 pieces of chicken are available.

Tender Chicken 

There are individual finger chicken sets and finger chicken meals with 5-40 pieces available.


We also offer a dedicated Poutine area featuring regular and large size Poutine, chicken Poutine, and butter chicken Poutine.


Have you had a terrible burger and are searching for something to make up for it? Stop in at AFC. We have AFC burgers and AFC signature burgers with additional cheese, pickle, and onion, as well as extra mayo, lettuce, and tomato. The vegetable burger is also available at AFC. This is more than enough for your hunger.


Wraps are available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. The AFC jumbo chicken wrap and the AFC vegetable wrap are the two options.

Popcorn Chicken

Small, bite-sized pieces of chicken that are breaded and fried now became the favourite item of the people. As a result, here at AFC, we also have small, medium, and big popcorn chicken packs.

Chicken Wings

Both breaded and non-breaded chicken wings are available. These wings marinated overnight. The sets come in sizes ranging from 5 to 24 pieces.

All Mix Bucket

The mix bucket AFC fried chicken containing all the flavours. There are 16 pieces on one set. This have 4 pieces of each flavour available.


 Rice, Butter Chicken Gravy, AFC Special Gravy, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Mashed Potato, AFC Special Garlic Fries, AFC French fries, and Garlic Biscuits are all on the AFC Sides menu. What would chicken be without biscuits, after all?

side dip

Dipping and Drinks

side dishes

Dipping and drinks are a necessity for fried chicken lovers. AFC offers Honey Mustard, Sweet & Sour, Drinks, Spicy BBQ Sauce, and Regular BBQ Sauce.

Our Objectives

  • Expand the number of new recipes to serve.
  • Introduce dishes that are more nutritious.
  • It will adapt recipes to local tastes.
  • Include menu items that are less expensive and more accessible.
  • Provide the highest quality items to our customers and make them happy.

AFC’s mission is to bring a smile to people’s faces. Also, gain the most profit by providing excellent service and engaging customers with high-quality items on every visit. It will satisfy customers every time they consume our food, and it is superior to that of any other brand. Our foods have a unique and delicious taste. From that, our clients’ dining experiences make them smile and brighten their day. We provide more than just dining; we also offer pickup and delivery within a 10-kilometer radius.

It is all perfectly safe and clean!

If you are afraid about ordering meals from a restaurant outdoors, do not be! We have you covered! From the beginning, AFC has made it a top priority to maintain excellent levels of cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchens and among all suppliers. We also make sure that it handled no food with bare hands when cooking, packaging, or transporting, according to even stricter safety standards.

AFC restaurant

In Conclusion, for your safety, even the AFC Delivery bags will sterilise! So you can eat your AFC Fried Chicken with confidence, knowing that it’s safe and clean until the last bite!

Now that you know, how AFC gets the greatest chicken from farm to plate, how about some AFC Fried Chicken? Try it out for yourself right now!

AFC restaurant

To get an idea of what we are talking about, check out our menu of dishes.


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