AFC is the King of fried chicken in Alberta, Edmonton, Canada​ALBERTA FRIED CHICKEN (AFC)​


AFC is the King of fried chicken in Alberta, Edmonton, Canada


Have you ever experienced Alberta fried chicken (AFC)? A brand that has created over a decade of dedication and incomparable quality continues to achieve considerable growth in its area.

However, we started its journey with a simple but powerful goal: our desire is to create a brand that brings joy, satisfaction and smiles to our customers around the world.

We’re also a popular choice for people looking for a delicious alternative to traditional fast food.Over the years, AFC has become a popular destination for unique and excellent fried chicken, achieving this goal. 

Whether it’s a global expansion, a fresh menu, or innovative services and places, the change is exciting, and people are loving it. At AFC Chicken, we take pride in providing high-quality, locally grown, and fresh chicken. Our menu also provides children’s meals with unique flavours.


special products

AFC’s core product includes pressure-fried on-the-bone chicken pieces seasoned with four unique flavours: AFC Classic, Frank’s Redhot, Lemon Pepper Garlic, and Smoky Crushed Chilly. 

Let me show you a few of our favourites, for example. The lemon pepper garlic burger, the chicken burger that will transform your life. Why wait? Try it out right now. Alberta fried chicken. You’ll have a great time.


AFC Classic Image

Classical AFC chicken Includes the most amazing, delightful chicken bread you ever tasted. A beautiful touch to these great, traditional chicken pieces is our special recipe taste.


AFC Frank's Red hot Image

Frank’s Redhot includes no artificial flavours or colours. Because of Frank’s Redhot powder, the chicken piece appears reddish black.


Finger Chicken Meal Menu Alberta fried chicken

The hidden secret of Lemon Pepper Garlic is that we use black pepper to give it a strong, unique flavor. As a result, the colour has become black!


AFC Smoky crushed chilli Image

A unique flavour with a smokey, roasted smell. When deep-fried for 15 minutes, the crushed chilly flakes burn, creating a smokey flavour and enhancing the flavour.



4 Pc ChickenMenu Alberta fried chicken

Our fresh juicy delicious breaded chicken will be the best thing you’ve ever tasted. Wrap it in our fully flavoured large chicken wraps. It’s a weeknight meal fantasy come true. A golden crispy, delightful layer of bread crumbs wraps juicy, tender chicken.

Furthermore, this is a tasty recipe for any mind, and it’s a great supper option when you want a comprehensive dish that only takes about 30 minutes to prepare. Friends and family will be begging for seconds after tasting this crispy coated, well seasoned baked breaded chicken breast with cheese and bread bits.

Above all, this Baked Breaded Chicken is easy to cook and tasty to eat, making it suitable for both children and adults. Serve with for a delicious dinner.


Poutine Image

AFC In this poutine dish, crispy french fries are covered in thick gravy and topped with seasoned sliced chicken and cheese curds. For dinner, prepare this delicious Canadian favorite dish!


Popcorn Chicken Image

AFC Chicken popcorn is really cool and likely to be tasty. Bite-size chicken fried with a crispy coating and a delicious flavor. This amazing popcorn chicken and sauce can make a difference in your life!


fried chicken Wrap

AFC Chicken Wraps are one of the easiest and quickest lunch or dinner recipes to make. It’s also one of the few dishes that can make use of leftover chicken. Therefore, The chicken wrap is ready in under 20 minutes.


Breaded Wings Menu Alberta fried chicken

AFC Chicken Wings are a simple but tasty dinner. Because of the seasoning and one ingredient that keeps them from drying out, these chicken oven wings are tender, juicy, and full of flavour!

As a result, if you’re looking for an oil-free and healthy alternative to crispy chicken wings, we recommend trying these AFC breaded chicken wings.They are simple to make and require only a few simple supplies. Chicken wings are a popular snack. 

You can get it with the side dishes you like.If you like to try various flavours and avoid deep-frying chicken wings, you might enjoy some of these recipes for chicken wings.


The AFC product is generally sold in two- or three-piece individual servings or in a family size cardboard bucket that holds between six and sixteen chicken pieces. The United States presently uses an eight-piece chicken cut.

This is a departure from the normal nine-piece configuration used in Canada and the United Kingdom. The United States presently uses an eight-piece cut, but Canada uses a nine-piece cut. The frying oil used varies by area and includes sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, and palm oil.

Above all, According to an AFC official, the taste of the chicken would vary depending on the type of oil used and whether the bird was corn-fed or wheat-fed. In a 2-4 minute operation, the meal is hand-breaded at separate AFC facilities with wheat flour combined with flavor. It is then pressure cooked in oil at 185 degrees Celsius for seven to ten minutes (depending on the country). 

Following that, the chicken is allowed to stand for 5 minutes to cool before being placed in the warming oven.


http://bestfoodinedmonton.com/Our goal as Alberta Fried Chicken is to give Albertan’s with unique, delectable flavors. To provide you unique flavors and fragrances, we employ locally sourced foods. We started it with three friends and want to keep it as authentic as possible.

While most other establishments only provide a single taste, we present you with a variety of delights that you won’t find anywhere else. In other words, We don’t store anything cooked in advance since we want to give it to you as soon as possible.

We started our company in Alberta, Edmonton before a year ago. Your happiness and satisfaction are behind the success of AFC.

AFC’s chicken is different from other stores’ chicken. The word AFC comes to mind whenever the name ‘chicken’ comes up.

Because of the indifferent economic situation, we didn’t want to make a big deal about it. But we are immensely grateful for your assistance and backing. We are eager to excite you as we move on with our new and distinctive cuisines and flavors.

Above all, We expect your complete support all the way forward. Our company looks forward to delighting you even better.

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